All are tradesman are fully checked and vetted by Top Joints Maintenance. All our tradesman are our own and we do not out source our work to other tradesman / contractors unlike most other large maintenance companies.

Working at heights such us cleaning gutters, cleaningsoffits / re-pointing etc, unless the correct scaffold is erected, due to safety regulations, Top Joints will only work from ladders between 5-6 meters from ground level.

There must be no obstructions, such as conservatories / sheds / or anything which will restrict Top Joints from carrying out the works safely. 

Please confirm when booking, that all the above is ok.

If a tradesman turns up to carry out the works, and this is not sufficient, you will still be charged for your call out, and the tradesman will leave your property.

If you then get the correct scaffold erected / clear area, please inform the office, and we can reschedule with no extra charge.



This is our most frequently asked question, for us to estimate your project, the best way forward is to email us some images, and a description. Or please call one of team who can estimate over the phone.



The client is responsible to dispose of all rubbish left over from all jobs. Bearing in mind, that these are small handymen jobs so rubbish will be minimal. Top Joints will put the rubbish neatly into builder bags, stacked neatly for client to dispose of, unless agreed otherwise. This also includes garden waste.

If this is not an option for you, Top Joints will charge £8.50 + vat per rubble sack to be removed and disposed of.

Any materials supplied by the client will be left. Any materials supplied by Top Joints, will be put back into the van. 

Any materials purchased and supplied by top Joints will be charged at trade prices + 20% including any fuel purchased to run machinery needed to complete your job.

We do our upmost to keep to appointments, however, if there is a possibility your tradesman is held up on another job, you will receive a phone call and email from the office team to keep you informed.

In the unlikely event, there has been an accident, or anything that has happened out of our control which has delayed your appointment, we will contact you to re-schedule.

After the tradesman has finished your job, he will ask you to sign a form to confirm time of completion and satisfaction, and materials used (if any supplied by Top Joints) will be recorded.

You will receive an invoice via email the following day due for immediate payment. You can transfer the balance online, or ring the office to pay by card.

Please visite the terms & conditions.

The first stage is to pay your first hour upfront, please visit the rates page. This can be paid by ringing the office, or complete the online booking form.
Your first hour upfront will include the first hours labour.

All rates are explained on the rates page, depending on time of day, or weekend / evening bookings.

If your tradesman has to leave site to collect materials, this will form part of the ongoing hourly rate charge, see terms & conditions.

The client will still be charged the full hour, please be aware to make full use of your tradesman.

eg : if job takes 35 minutes, the full hour will still be charged.

If your tradesman has an accident onsite, which delays your job, and the tradesman needs attention, or time out, you will not be charged.

In the unlikely event that the tradesman breaks a personal item or damages part of your property whilst carrying out your maintenance works, this will be recorded by the tradesman, and it will be covered by Top Joints public liability and dealt with ASAP.

If on the very rare off chance that we arrive at your property and we can not carry out the repair / job. A full refund will be issued.

If your happy for the tradesman to attempt after stating they may not be able to fix the problem, then you will still be charged for the first hours labour.

The tradesman will make you fully aware that the materials you have supplied will not be satisfactory to complete the works, the tradesman will collect the correct materials and you will be charged for collection, and materials trade price + 20%.

We appreciate on some occasions that certain jobs may need looking at first to put a plan in place to see what materials and how long it will take. There are 2 ways to do this, firstly, call us, and make an appointment at the hourly rate call out charge. Or send us images of the job you want doing, and we can quote from them.

If you have booked an exterior home maintenance job and the weather is too bad, or not suitable for your tradesman to carry out the specific job, you will be notified as early as possible and the job will be reschedule.

If by any chance weather conditions prevents your tradesman getting to your property, you will be informed, and the appointment will be re-scheduled. You will not be charged any extra if the weather is bad, or not suitable to work in.

eg : If your job is estimated to be 3 hours, and it is going to take 4, please be aware the office has offered an estimation time only to complete the works. Your tradesman will notify you that your 3 hours is up, and will confirm with you whether you would like them to continue or stop working.

Please make sure all pets are behind a safe gate, or shut away. If the tradesman arrives at the property and feels it will not be a safe environment for them to work in, the tradesman has the right to leave the property. 

In the unlikely event a tradesman is injured by your household pet, Top Joints will not be responsible for the pets actions and may take action / prosecute.


Please make sure there is free parking available, if parking permits are required please make sure in good time these are available. If not, you will be charged the first hour labour and the tradesman will leave site.

Please make sure that there is a competent person over the age of 18 when works are being carried out your property. Unless the property is locked up, and external works is being carried out. 

Please make sure if booking one of our exterior cleaning services, eg: Jet washing, that you have outside water access / tap to connect our hose pipe to. If you book this service and one of our tradesman turns up and no facilities are at the property, you will still be charged for the time that was allocated to complete the jobs


If the client has requested for Top Joints to choose and purchase their materials / products ie: toilet / sink, we will collect what we believe from experience the correct product. If the client is not satisfied with the material / product,  Top Joints will not be held responsible for this and you will be charged for the tradesman to recollect, and may need to make another appointment.

For all plumbing / plumbing emergency call outs…. after problem / maintenance problem has been fixed or carried out ie:pipe leak in the ceiling, no making good, or repairs to the ceiling will be made, all repairs / making good can booked through the maintenance division.

For any emergency call out, the first initial  payment will cover your first hour, if the repair / job goes over the first hour, you will be continued to be charged at the emergency call out rate at the time. You will only be charged for the time the tradesman is at your property.

If you have booked a quotation, ie : for one of our surveyors to look at your potential job,  and fail to be in at the agreed time / between the times agreed, you will be charged 1 x hours labour @£30 + vat, this covers our fuel, and time to get to and from the place of quoting, property or place of work.