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Waterseal Masonry Water Repellent Brick Sealer

A small project carried out just before the announcement…

Waterseal Masonry water repellent brick sealer carried out on each side, front and back of a detached house in Selsey. Waterseal masonry water repellent brick sealer is a high active ingredient silicone silane chemical applied to prevent rain water penetration into brick, stone, render, concrete and other masonry based materials.

If your property has external walls that are exposed to the elements, it is important to keep the facing brick and pointing in good condition to prevent the passage of rainwater migrating across cavity insulation infill or solid wall construction through to the internal, decorated finish.

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K-Render Project Complete In Bognor Regis

Please see the final images regarding the base coat and top coat application of ivory k-render which is now complete, the conservatory had a rising and penetrating damp issue. The step entering the conservatory was cut back, old slabs taken up and new slabs laid leaving a gap to stop further penetration of damp.

K-rend waterproofs / insulates as well as a great finish! drip bead set at damp proof course.

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Heat Recovery Extraction Installation

A heat recovery system and a new bathroom extractor installed today due to a bad condensation / mould problem at a property in wittering near Chichester.

Heat Recovery Ventilators provide a continuous air change, replacing stale moisture laden air with fresh, warmed air from outside. The units provide an effective solution to stale, musty indoor air condensation and mould growth problems in any room in which they are fitted.

Solving Mould, Damp and Condensation Problems, More Information….

The Kair KHRV150/12RH Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator is perfect for you if you are looking to solve a damp problem in one of your rooms. Such as your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, living room, lavatory, washroom, conservatories, office and bedroom.

Continuous ventilation in your home
This unit is perfectly suited to your needs as it automatically controls the humidity of your room for you, so you can relax knowing that it will take care of everything for you.

The unit also offers you continuous trickle ventilation, so it will constantly clean and purify the air you breathe. Continuous ventilation is the key in keeping your home mould free.

Reducing heating bills
The unit is highly energy efficient so it will help you save money on your heating bill. Up to 86% heat recovered from extracted air, means even in cold winter weather the incoming clean air will remain at almost the same room temperature.

Clean air for You and Your family
The unit is 100% completely safe for your to put in your bedroom or your child’s bedroom since it has a very low voltage, keeping you and your family safe. By providing adequate ventilation the unit maintains the recommended humidity levels, preventing harmful bacteria being breathed in.

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Fence Installation complete

Following on from our last post regarding the start of the fence installation in Selsey near Chichester, please find completed images of the fence, gate installation, and the side walk of the property before and after with a new corrugated roof.