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Extension Project In Selsey

Just over two weeks now into an extension in Selsey.  Progress so far….

The first job for us was to start the demolition of the old conservatory as the new build is going in its place, dismantling had to be carried out carefully as the structure is being sold on.  The Old slab has been broken up after old conservatory dismantled, middle dug down to correct measurements below damp course level which will allow for hardcore / air gap below the block and beam system.  The work on footings has been carried out for the new build, and the breaking up of the conservatory footing to get correct width / depth on the front run, hole also dug out ready for the new soakaway.  Footings complete, including the Rebar in place at the correct depth for the concrete to be poured, soakaway crates in place wrapped in quality non-woven geotextile membrane, filled correctly with shingle and dpc course placed topped with earth to ground level. 

The end of last week we had the concrete poured for the new footings, drainage in the ground connected to soakaway, old slab broken up using the hydraulic digger pecker, the first 15 tons of waste was also collected, beams delivered for the block and beam system, and a general site clearance ready for the next stage!  Beginning of this week, the cavities were chased out ready for brickwork & wall starters, holes also cut out to the correct measurement for the block and beam system to sit in cavity, plus the delivery to crack on with block work and flooring system. 

Stay in touch for updates on the build as we progress. 


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Dry Lining

A huge amount of dry lining has been carried out at our current refurbishment project in Bosham, near Chichester. 

All downstairs ceilings dry lined / overboarded  including making good around the steels.  In the kitchen area and cloak room, bonding was applied ready for plastering. Upstairs, again all ceilings dry lined / overboarded including making good around the steel installed in which will be the bathroom. Bonding also applied in the barthroom area ready for plastering. 


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Chimney Repaired

One of today’s jobs for a client in Selsey, Chichester, the rain was getting in through the louvre vent pictured, it has now been covered with a cowl outlet to stop further water damage inside the property, but still vented. On a few parts of the chimney, the render had blown, this has now been hacked off, repaired / re-rendered. The chimney also had two coats of sandtex masonry paint, just got to nip back to apply two coats to the rendered areas when dry.

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Waterseal Masonry Water Repellent Brick Sealer

A small project carried out just before the announcement…

Waterseal Masonry water repellent brick sealer carried out on each side, front and back of a detached house in Selsey. Waterseal masonry water repellent brick sealer is a high active ingredient silicone silane chemical applied to prevent rain water penetration into brick, stone, render, concrete and other masonry based materials.

If your property has external walls that are exposed to the elements, it is important to keep the facing brick and pointing in good condition to prevent the passage of rainwater migrating across cavity insulation infill or solid wall construction through to the internal, decorated finish.

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K-Render Project Complete In Bognor Regis

Please see the final images regarding the base coat and top coat application of ivory k-render which is now complete, the conservatory had a rising and penetrating damp issue. The step entering the conservatory was cut back, old slabs taken up and new slabs laid leaving a gap to stop further penetration of damp.

K-rend waterproofs / insulates as well as a great finish! drip bead set at damp proof course.